Providing Educational Opportunities To Empower Masailand Girls and Women in Kenya

01 May

THANK YOU. We did it!

Many many thanks to all of you who donated to MWEEP during the Kitsap Great Give 2017 which ran through May 2, 2017. As the donations began to roll in we were thrilled to see the numbers climbing higher than ever before. From the 95 online gifts we had a total of $8,480. This number only reflects the online donors and not the matching gifts which we will receive at a later date. Additionally several checks were received.

As you may know in 2016 MWEEP provided funding via our corresponding Board of MWEEP located in Kenya for tuition, board, and room for 74 needy and deserving Maasai girls in secondary school and 39 young women in post secondary education. Many of our previous students have gone on to become successful educators, accountants, and some have established their own small businesses. We hope to be able to provide these educational opportunities for even more deserving Maasai girls and women in the future. Just recently our Kenya Board voted to extend financial assistance to girls who reside in orphanages and do not have access to funds for cost sharing. The Kitsap MWEEP Board totally supported this new endeavor.

MWEEP has participated in Kitsap Great Give the past three years with much success for our small organization. Because of our size, with few expenses, more than 90 percent of our donated funds always goes directly to our girls’ education. Thus the donations made through Great Give go a long way in helping us to achieve our mission.
Again thank you so very much for your support by giving these girls “the gift of hope”!