Providing Educational Opportunities To Empower Masailand Girls and Women in Kenya

21 Oct

September 4th, 2023 Auction-Play Fundraiser at The Jewel Box Theater

We had a fun-filled afternoon of wine, appetizers and donated auction items from the community plus a delightfully funny play in early September at the Jewel Box Theater.  MWEEP friends were able to catch up with one another and new friends  purchased a ticket and ventured out to see what this fun event entailed. They were not disappointed! MWEEP Kenya and MWEEP USA send our heartfelt thank you for taking the time to help educate these girls and women in Kenya.

Formal records from 2007 until 2022 show that  MWEEP has sent 1,116 young girls to secondary school and 367 women on to post-secondary school. Currently in 2023 alone there are 99 young girls in secondary schools and 43 enrolled in post-secondary college/universities/vocational schools. Wow! Because of the support you have empowered these young women have been able to become teachers, accountants, secretaries, business managers, working in community development, tailors, hair dressers, medical workers, bankers, entrepreneurs. This all This all happened because mothers said, “We want different lives for our daughters, but we need help.”  YOU stepped up, – YOU helped.

Again thank you for attending the annual MWEEP Jewel Box Fundraiser.

With many thanks from the MWEEP USA Board,
Barbara Stark, Pat O’Rourke, Barbara Coffey, Peggy Iversen, Sandy Lewis, Betty Brownley, Cheri Paulin